School of Liberation Class Offerings 

Tour of the Chakras

Quan Yin Lavender Flame of Compassion 

Laxmi Golden Flame of Prosperity

This class is an 8-week, study at home, offering of a very popular class in both meditations and techniques to balance and harmonize the chakra system.  You will receive a study pack each week with information and guidance for the beginner to intermediate seeker. You will learn about the subtle energetic system and how to harness the power of choice. We will meet up as a group each week to go over the lesson and receive the attunements/energetic lessons of the chakra of the week. You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can continue to learn from other participants and expand your network of people who are seeking as you are. You will be given the mudras, postures, colors, crystals, symbolism, and biology associated with your energetic system. With these tools you can evolve into a healthier you.  
$333- The live and recorded course with study packs
$555-Additional one-on-one weekly 60 min. tutorials and private Q&A in addition to the above pack. (Limited space per round) 

This course and attunement connects you to the purification energy of the Goddess Laxmi who is the Goddess of service, prosperity, and luck in the Hindu pantheon. This energy clears the root and sacral chakras of blocks to prosperous thinking and action. It also teaches a variety of mantras to work with to develop a mantra based meditation praction.
Energetic Exchange $88 
Quan Yin is the Boddhisatva (Goddess) of Compassion. This class includes an attunement (energetic connection) and 21 day practice to strengthen that connection to true compassion. The attunement expands the central channel including the heart chakra. In laymens terms, this practice will connect you to the practice of self&other Love simultaneously while you gently shift into the release into the Divine Feminine.
Energetic exchange $108  

7 Rays of the Elohim

Violet Flame Reiki

This is a deeply transformative practice and attunement series that is delivered in 7 separate attunements spread out over two-weeks to one-month. The attunements are connected to each of the 7 Elohim and their Female Counterpart.Each attunement comes with an information pack, and an hour long attunement. The attunements are more like divine voyages that expand your spiritual practice and development. This can be studied for self practice and can be added to your energetic-service-menu. 
Energetic Exchange 555

This Reiki school drastically increases the vibration and access to the Violet Flame healing Rays through Quan Yin and Sainte Germaine. This is a 4-level study that can be attuned in 2, 3 or 4 distance or in-person appointments. You will receive 40 additional symbols to work with and integrate into your Reiki practice. Your healing abilities as a channel and carrier of Light will increase and expand along with your ability to expediate healing in self and others where willingness is met.  
(Prerequisite Usui Reiki Master Level)
Energetic Study $333 

Divine Rays of Discernment

This attunement and practice further develops connection to the energy of discernment and beyond. This attunement was given to me directly from the energy of the Goddess Durga. This energy comes through the Neon Rays and is very new energy to the Earth. The Goddess Durga is the strongest and most powerful faces of God in the Hindu pantheon. She represents the maternal energy (Divine Mother) and the most fierce demon slayer. Durga teaches you to abandon yourself to the bravery of vulnerability while discerning wisely with whom you share your sacred space, and your sacred selves. This energetic school comes with a study pack, a 6-symbol attunement, and a world of change and evolution for your heart. 
Energetic exchange: $144
  1. Crystal Sound Bath
    Crystal Sound Bath
    A sound bath is an extremely relaxing experience where you are surrounded by soft crystal tones, while relaxing on a meditation cushion or while laying down on a yoga mat. Bring your own cushion and blanket and a bottle of water and let the sounds of 15 pure quartz crystal instruments do the rest. Energetic exchange $55
  2. Attunement Class
    Attunement Class
    In this class you will be attuned to the Goddess Durga's- Neon Rays of Discernment. This school of healing will help you to develop additional self and other healing techniques. Goddess Durga is both Mother and fierce protector. She is the strongest and most powerful face of God in all 33,000,000 representations from Hinduism. She will teach you true discernment and grant you the power of true intuition in your relationship to self and others.
  3. January 28
    Grand Opening of IAM Reiki
    Grand Opening of IAM Reiki
    Having partnered with Nicole Gil Schoen of Create Yourself Salon & Spa, Yardville, NJ, we will be opening a Reiki school intent on offering tracks of study or ala carte courses for you in Reiki certification, crystal work, basic meditation practices, card readings, connection with Spirit Guides, and development of soul. Come out and join us January 28th! Call the salon for more details and directions: Create Yourself Salon & Spa 609-259-1050 1278 Yardville-Allentown Rd., Olde Tavern Plaza Suite 1 Allentown, NJ 08501 Email:
  4. 9 DEC
    Sound Healing & Card Readings
    Sound Healing & Card Readings
    In this intimate circle receive messages from the Universe through a card reading for yourself and then soak in the excellent crystal tones of 15 sound healing instruments in what's known as a sound bath. Experience a rejuvenating meditation to bring you into balance. Call to rsvp. Energetic exchange $55
  5. 01 JAN
    Opening I AM Reiki School!!!
    Opening I AM Reiki School!!!
    With my friend and business partner, Nicole Schoen of Create Yourself Salon and Spa, we will be opening the I AM Reiki School in Yardsville, NJ January 2018! We will be offering classes that truly prepare practitioners, healers, psychics and seekers with science and theory, practice, ethics and history in the categories of Reiki, psychic support, meditation, crystal work and all things empowering. Email:
  6. January 2018
    Tour of the Chakras Series
    Tour of the Chakras Series
    This is an 8 -week class that will be offered exclusively online. You will learn about your chakra system each week and the organs/systems that each chakra correlates to, how to use meditation to heal, evolve, and balance your system for maximum health and well being. This is a self paced course where you will be learning a lot while having a community (via a facebook private chat page) to support you as you learn. As described above in class offerings.