Healing Sessions 
Reiki Sessions & Other Healing Services
 Seichim session- Seichim is an energetic healing system that originated in Egypt. It is a very powerful rebirthing system. It is meant for those who are already a considerable way along their spiritual development.

It is strongly recommended that recipients of this healing process be free of all medications and have soundness of mind or mental and emotional balance firmly grounded in their experience. The frequency of receiving should be intuitively decided by the client.
- $144. 
Reiki sessions are composed of discussion, table work/distance receiving, and feedback. Depending on the needs of the client the time needed may vary. Reiki does its best work when received on a regular basis. The term regular refers to the 21-day cycle which Reiki runs on. Some clients' systems burn through Reiki at different rates of speed, therefore some clients may choose to set appointments every week, every other week, every 3 weeks or monthly. There really aren't any rules. I suggest that all my clients keep the first three appointments spaced at 21 days in order to test the full efficacy of this work in their lives. It may also be helpful to keep a journal in this time of the sessions, intentions and shifts that occur. 
 Distance Reiki session - $155
      We will begin and end your session via Zoom chat so that the
counselling to become clear on intention and feedback. While sessions may run 90 min-2 hours it is advisable to not schedule yourself for post-session integration. 

Astrological & Reiki Infused session: $225
Have your chart read and learn how the above is working with your within

Astrological Chart Reading (Life Direction, Current Transits), Tarot Card Readings, Spiritual Advisory sessions by the hour: $99

Reiki Sessions in Person adults- $200 (Packages $1111 for 6 sessions)
Reiki sessions for kids: $150 (comes with one in person and one distance follow-up)