Reiki Training
  1. Usui Reiki I: Self Healing & Evolution
    This is the first step of Reiki training. This level is dedicated to the principle: "Healer, heal thyself". In this level you will be attuned to the level I symbol, learn the history, purpose, and basic practice of Reiki to develop or a self-healing practice. It is recommended that you first receive Reiki prior to study.
  2. Usui Reiki II: Emotional & Mental Balance
    This second level of Reiki is where you learn how to offer Reiki to others via distance and in person. Every attunement begins a 21-day detox, that will allow the symbols to begin to change your life in accordance with each symbol's meaning. You will be attuned to the II and III symbol, and learn how to use and meditate with these symbols to increase your learning through them. Energetic Exchange $333
  3. Usui III: Advanced Practices & Etheric Healing
    In some four-level Usui courses, level III is simply an attunement to the Master symbol. In this class, you will receive the first of the Master symbols and an additional symbol. You will also learn the advanced techniques of the Buddhist tradition that is the foundation of Usui Reiki, auric surgery, and energy field & chakra mending. Energetic Exchange $555
  4. Usui IV Master Teacher
    In this final level of Usui Reiki, which is reserved for those who are called to pass on the attunements and teachings of Usui Reiki, you will be reattuned to all symbols with two additional symbols to seal the process at the soul level. It is said that those who become masters will return to this practice for the rest of their incarnations. This level is a culmination of your studies and will cover the material which needs the most reaffirmation as well, how to pass on attunements. Energetic Exchange 888

More Energy Schools
  1. Durga-ma Frequency of Truth
    This school came through me after a 100-day puja to Durga. Over the years of working with this energy, I was taught a discernment (the ability to see the truth about self and others) that I had been sorely lacking. As a child, I lacked the ability to see who people were choosing to be. As an adult, this became a weakness and a selfishness. I lived in a self-imposed la-la-land. This harmed others because I would not see them for who they were and I could not accept what I would not see. This practice engages intensive work with specific meditations and mantras. There are also additional practices included to assist with shadow work to heal and release harsh judgment of self and others. This is a self-healing practice and the prerequisite for "Durga-ma Neon Rays of Discernment" Energetic Exchange 144
  2. Durga-ma Neon Rays of Discernment
    This is the second level of the Durga-ma practice where you will learn the healing techniques to offer soul evolution sessions to others. While this modality can be used in concert with Usui and other Reiki practices, it stands on its own quite powerfully. It is truly meant to assist clients in doing the deeper healing work of the soul. Energetic Exchange $333
  3. Durga-ma Advanced Practices
    In this third level of the Durga-Ma Frequency of Truth: Neon Rays of Discernment, you will learn how to work with clients through past and present life trauma in an energetic session. You will receive the final attunement in this practice and learn additional uses for the symbols. $333
  4. Eye of Horus
    This attunement is geared toward self-evolution through expansion of the third-eye vision and connection to the Hathors. Most of those attracted to this Egyptian energy work, have previous ties to the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Energetic Exchange 88
Reiki Master - Lumieres -
I am here to help mature souls evolve to their next level of development in clearing past trauma, healing and raising consciousness and evolving at the heart level. I do this by teaching a variety of techniques in meditation, seeking, and metaphysical development. 

Because I know that when each person allows their own healing to occur, this world gets a little better for all of us, I teach people how to create an environment where that healing is optimal. 

I am not the Force that heals, I am the channel that invites that Divinity which is then guided by your intention to awaken the Divine within.

                                                Go within, or go without