Soul Restoration 

Akashic Record Reading and Clearing

Soul Restoration is exactly as it says, it is a process through which your soul is restored to its Divine Soul Blueprint. Each person has a purpose. Not one that is given to them, but one that is chosen and of course we can always choose again.  However, there are many of you who feel incapable of choocing your story and instead feel yourselves a character in someone else's story being played by their choices, made to feel and do as circumstance demands. This is a travesty because you were made to write your own story, to choose your life.

If you ever regretted one decision in this life  then you know what I am talking about. Imagine that in previous lives, in the record of your incarnations that there may be other choices made out of fear, worry, regret, jealousy, lack or desire that were not in alignment with who you are at soul level.
If you have dabbled in the Law of Attraction or the Secret and found yourself not quite able to change the script. If you have made a resolution and found yourself slipping into old habits as if change were a brick wall over which you had no ladder to climb, then you will benefit from this process. 

I wish to emphasize here that change requires stamina. There is no magic bullet and I hope never to make you think that anyone other than you and your free choice will be the true catalyst to change in your life.  

Change requires real resilience, and steadfast aim. Change in this sense could be made so much easier through consciousness. When you are made aware of the patterns of your life and for just how long you have been locked into these situations, immediately you begin to have different choices.

While the reading will give you an indepth account of your soul record, the clearing will remove all negative unjustified karma, negative energetic attachments, bindings, and peculiar emotional remnants of the time before. You will be brought back into your fullness as a soul and as a the author of your life story. 

You will no longer operate as a battery to fuel the drama of life, nor will you need to use others in this way. Your pure connection to Source energy will be healed and empowered to live not as some other person, but as the person you were born to be. 

Your Akashic Record is the record of your soul. Contained in this record is every choice you have ever made in every incarnation you have ever breathed. As you know from being alive, the circumstances of our lives sometimes dictate our choices. Most people would go back and change this or that moment in their lives. 
The process I am explaining to you is not about changing that moment, but instead the hold that the moment or choice still has over you. 

After purchasing your reading/clearing you will receive an email verifying your purchase and scheduling possibilities for your indepth reading (45-60 min) via phone, zoom chat, or in person. Which will be recorded and sent to you for further reference. 

Clients then receive additional homework in the form of a 21 day prayer to seal the clearing into the subconcious and concious mind in order to facilitate change.  

While you may order a clearing for yourself the only other people whom you may request clearings for are your spouse/life partner or children. You may not order this service for friends, coworkers, boyfriends/girlfriends or parents. 

When  ordering for someone else (a child or partner), know that not all souls wish to receive assistance, if this is the case you will receive the options of a full refund or the application of your purchase toward other services. 
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Past Life Regression

This experience can be added to your Soul Restoration process in order to further make conscious the work of deep level healing and also stands on its own. In each session, you will choose a simple insecurity to follow into a memory. This may be a life long insecurity or one that has been degrading your experience in manifesting the life that you consciously would choose if free of it. In this process, you will be guided through the process of discovering the core wound which produced the insecurity. You will be giving the opportunity to that fracture of the soul to fully mend and experience a redo. In the third phase of the session, you will be lead to release that aspect and to reintegrate the fracture which will allow for a sense of wholeness that is quite life shifting in all the best and most beautiful ways. While the reintegration often takes a few days to a few weeks, it is truly a joy based experience that will offer you a greater sense of compassion and depth of understanding of the observer perspective of the soul. 

$333- for a 2 pack (2 session minimum to start. Then all additional sessions will be $125)
Single session add on to Soul Restoration $222



My Experience with my Akashic Record Soul Restoration

I was very excited for this. I had no idea how much past life karma, agreements, vows…etc were currently affecting my life at the time of the reading. I learned a lot and a lot was confirmed during the reading. The information provided was delivered in a kind, non-judgmental, fact-providing environment and I was given a window of opportunity to ask questions on the reading. It was remarkable to learn aspects about my soul’s path and the effects they had on me in this life. But the real significance began in the 21 day prayer cycle as the clearing settled into my system.

I noticed a difference almost immediately after the clearing. There is a totally different “voice” to the thoughts in my mind. They are in my voice. I feel like I have the power of choice again. Choice in my thoughts and choice in my life. The thoughts don’t feel like they go on forever in both directions any more (as they did before the clearing). They are just thoughts and I have the power to choose to think differently. There is a confidence swelling inside of me as well. I feel more authentically me. There is also a freedom inside that is truly refreshing and empowering. I feel a deeper connection with Source and those around me. There is a greater acceptance of this human experience and the past frustrations I’ve felt directly relating to being human are minimalized or completely gone. I have a clearer and broader understanding of my path and purpose on this earth and the self-imposed pressure I used to apply to my life is no longer there. If life is a tidal wave, I used to feel like I was standing in the water bracing myself for the wave to collapse all over me, or the wave had already collapsed and I was being bashed around in the wake. Now, I feel like I’m riding the wave on a sturdy long board just coasting around ready for whatever comes my way. I have a clearer awareness of the maintenance required in life to sustain this liberation and am looking forward to continuing to live a life of purpose and joy.

Thank you, Angelique, for offering this service! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for clarity in any aspect of life.
I’ve thought a lot about how to explain the akashic record reading and
how much it effected me. It was an amazing experience that I believe
would help every one.

The closest I can come to relating what the akashic record felt like for
me is thru my own experiences. I am adopted. My whole like I felt different,
not really sure were I belonged. As an adult I found my birth mother and
after years of just seeing a piece of my puzzle now I could see the whole
picture. After years of feeling like I was so different from my adopted family,
I now could see how much I was actually like them. At the same time I
could see parts of myself that were passed down from my birth family.
Looking at this whole picture made me feel more whole than I had ever felt
For me, the akashic reading felt like I was seeing a part of the bigger
picture. I realized why I do some of the things I do, why I feel, fear and love
the way I do. I believe that just recognizing a fear/ block gives us space to
heal it. I believe that the more I let go, the lighter and more free I will be.
There are so many things that we carry with us from life time to life time
and for me this is the life time I choose to let it go...its been long enough!
I am so grateful to Angelique for this experience. She is incredibly
talented, insightful and intuitive. She truely comes from a loving place
without judgement. I feel so empowered and ready to remove the
“protective” mask that I have hidden behind for so long. I am ready to love,
forgive and embrace my true self and shine my light as only I can.

Beyond Grateful
Nicole Schoen
This clearing changed my life in such unexpected and wonderful ways. While the reading was interesting, detailed and grounded; the clearing was evident! 
I finally feel free to choose my relationships rather than feeling stuck in them. 
I changed jobs, and am seeing a huge difference in my health and well being. 

Thank you!
The Akashic record reading I received from Angelique was powerful and transformative.  I was seeking to more clearly understand myself and untangle energetic bonds that I have felt have been keeping me from experiencing breakthroughs in my personal and professional life.  The reading gave me so much insight into what I have energetically felt throughout my lifetime, understanding my origins..., and the different contracts that I have made throughout lifetimes that have blocked my progression in this lifetime.  The clearing process after the reading, particularly in restoring soul facets, has been freeing and after having completed the clearing process, I have incorporated some of the teachings into my daily meditation practice.